Friday, August 01, 2008

Use Social Networking to Expand Your Impact on the Web

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This issue features:

· Use Social Networking to Expand Your Impact on the Web
· Answers to your questions about Drew’s Class
· Here’s the Stock Market call recording
· Invite Your Friends!
· God Doesn’t Always Tell You What He’s Up To

Use Social Networking to Expand Your Impact on the Web

In 2005, blogs became popular. They were the single most important way of communicating your message to the masses.

A year later, folks were uploading personal videos to a new site called

2007 saw an explosion in popularity with sites with crazy names such at Twitter, Flickr, Miro, Facebook, LinkdIn, Digg and Redditt.

Yet not many Internet surfers have learned how to monetize these sites or use them to increase their online presence. Most folks see social sites as places where teenagers who have too much time on their hands hang out and post pictures.

The geeks create sites like these; the kids figure out how to use them. And about a year or so later, business comes along and figures out how to incorporate it all into the real world.

Well, one of my old friends who is way more than a geek has become an expert on applying these Web 2.0 sites to marketing business on the Internet.

And he will be sharing just a few of his secrets on the phone with me next Tuesday night, August 5 at 9 PM Eastern Time.

Even if you don’t care about learning how to monetize the social sites, pass this on to your kids so they can join us on the call.

If one of them sets up a business using these gadget sites, you may start wondering where the checks in the mailbox are coming from.

It happens.

So if someone in your house is interested in learning about social networking, don’t miss this call Tuesday with my good friend Don Crowther.

The call is Tuesday night, August 5 at 9 PM Eastern.

The number to call is 605-475-4150

The passcode is 41561#

And if you love this stuff, plan to meet Don in Atlanta. He’ll be speaking on Friday afternoon.

Here’s where you can learn more:


Answers to Your Questions about Drew’s Class

After our call last week, folks still had questions about selling houses on eBay and about Drew’s class.

So he has answered all those in a short 20 minute audio that you can listen to here:

Click here to play Drew’s audio message:


Here’s the Stock Market Call Recording

If the stock market has always fascinated you, here is your chance to learn from my family’s mentor.

We’ve known Scott Schilling for years and he understands his business. Although he spends most of his time teaching others, he still trades personally on the market every day.

If you want to learn how YOU can get started, listen to his call on our site –

Just enter your name and email address in the box at the right to get to the second page.

Then click on “Speakers” in the navigation bar at the top and scroll down to where his picture is. The audio buttons are right there.

Then plan to attend our conference so you can meet Scott in person and ask him all YOUR questions. He and his team will be on hand to help you with all your concerns.

The event is in Atlanta on August 15-17, 2008.


Invite Your Friends!

If your friends, family or members of your support group are as concerned about the direction of this country as I am and are convinced they need to start their own business in order to develop financial stability, forward this info to them.

We help people get started on the right track.

To get notices of our events and classes, just go to , enter your name and email address in the box at the left.

We’re here to help!


God Doesn’t Always Tell You What He’s Up To

Have you ever given your kids, your spouse or your friend an excuse when they ask you why they want you to do a particular thing?

You want them to do something yet you know if you tell them, they’ll argue that their way is better.

So you don’t tell them the WHOLE truth so you can get them to do what they really ought to do.

It’s unfortunate but I think God often has to do the same thing with us.

He leads us to one thing and once we get there, He steers us in a different direction.

If He had told us what we were getting into when we started, most of us would not have gone.

Take Columbus, for example. When God spoke to him about finding the New World, he set out in one direction.

As he got so far, the Holy Spirit spoke to him and said, “Turn 15 degrees.”

So he did.

In fact, that happened several times.

If Columbus hadn’t adjusted his course, he would have completely missed the continent.

But God didn’t tell him that at the beginning of the journey. He also didn’t give him all the facts.

So the next time someone asks you to do something, realize that what they are asking may not be the MAIN thing they want to accomplish.

It’s just one thing.

Life is full of lessons. The sooner you learn not to argue, the faster you’ll get ahead.

So many books, so little time...

who wonders where we would be if Columbus had argued with God

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