Saturday, August 23, 2008

Conference Highlights

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This issue features:

· What a Great Conference!
· Big Seminar is Oct. 3-5 in Atlanta
· A few testimonies from Entrepreneur Days in Atlanta
· Tell Your Friends!
· Times Will Be Changing Soon, Are You Ready?

What a Great Conference!

Our 8th annual Entrepreneur Days in Atlanta last weekend was an amazing event!

Over three-fourths of the attendees flew from such places as Canada, Chile, California and from all over America.

The speakers were even better than anyone expected and we all had a great time getting to know each other and putting together joint ventures.

12-year-old Joshua Satterfield wowed us during the Saturday night banquet by solving the Rubik’s cube in 22 seconds. He ranks 9th in the world.

During our awards presentations, Susan Mueller of Paris, Texas was named Protégé of the Year and won a laptop computer, along with a crystal trophy.

Runners up were Robin Muff of Mediapolis, Iowa and Alicia Golden-Herrera of Phoenix, Arizona.

Robin Dicks of Marion, Kansas, owner of, was named SafeGate Site Owner of the Year and received a trophy and a check for $1000.

Marilyn Woodard of Evansville, Indiana, owner of, received an engraved silver clock as Outstanding Protégé.

The Top Affiliate and winner of $1,000 was Bob Farewell of Lake Wales, Florida.

The speakers this year were extraordinary.

Bill Walsh on Basic Business
Don Crowther on Social Media
Larry Goins on Buying and Selling Real Estate on the Internet
Kerim Emre on Selling on eBay
Greg Cesar on Google Adwords
Mike Stewart on Internet Audio and Video
Scott Schilling on the Stock Market
Brendon Burchard on Sponsorships
And I shared my vision on membership sites.

Rev. Ken Pounders conducted a service on Sunday morning and my wonderful daughter-in-law Carol led the music.

One of the many highlights was the Saturday night banquet where entertained us with original jazz.

Then Drew shared some general insight on life and selling on eBay. Mainly, he kept us in stitches. I don’t know where the boy comes up with some of that stuff.

Anyway, the whole event was awesome.

If you missed it, we’ll be offering the videos soon.

Just plan to join us next year around the first of August.


Big Seminar is Oct. 3-5 in Atlanta

If you missed our family-friendly conference but are still interested in learning about how to turn your computer into an ATM, join me at Armand Morin’s Big Seminar.

If you go as my guest, I’ll introduce you to all the movers and shakers in the Internet world and will take you out to dinner on Thursday or Sunday night.

Just use this link to register, then send me an email to let me know.

Get all the details here:


Here Are Just a Few Testimonies from Entrepreneur Days

“Since the first time I heard Rhea in a virtual homeschooling conference a year ago, I knew she was an answer to my prayers. Now that we’ve made it to the conference with our four children, I have to say that it was beyond all our expectations.

“Not only were the speakers excellent, but we received encouragement and inspiration to step out and be all God created us to be. This conference will mark a turning point in our lives.”

Bettina Langerfeldt
Osorno, Chile

* * *

“This awesome event has given me some wonderful ideas to generate passive income in order to be able to follow my passion for missions and ministry. I would highly recommend you do what it takes to get to Entrepreneur Days for an outstanding practical education.”

Janice Schaffhauser
Grottoes, Virginia

* * *

“My mindset was completely changed this weekend. Thank you for ‘setting me free’ and giving me ‘permission’ to be the ME God created me to be! Thank you!

“I met so many people who I know will be a great network for support and relationship. They were all wonderful and I’m looking forward to getting to know them better.”


* * *

“Thanks for a great conference! My life was changed!”



Tell Your Friends!

If your friends or family members are as concerned about the direction of this country as I am and are convinced they need to have some kind of business on the side to develop financial stability, forward this info to them.

The economy is falling off the cliff and when it hits the bottom, it won’t be pretty. Yet those who are prepared will be okay.

To stay in touch, go to
Enter your name and email address in the box at the left.

We’re here to help!


Times Will Be Changing Soon, Are You Ready?

In case hard times haven’t hit you yet, be thankful. Something is happening in this country and it won’t be long before life as we know it will never be the same again.

As inflation increases, the national debt soars out of control, and our country plummets toward socialism, we’d better get ready to make it through the coming storm.

If you’re not concerned about all this, you’d better wake up.

Turn off the TV. It won’t tell you what’s really happening in the world.

Do whatever it takes to get out of the meaningless daily grind that barely meets your needs.

Realize that we are heading for hard times and those who are prepared will do a lot better than those who aren’t.

We need to become financially free. We need to find out what we are called to do and do it. We need to prepare our children to become leaders in this land, not followers who blindly elect ineffective officials who hardly represent the values of the people.

We need to know Jesus.

During the Depression of ’29, those who were prepared became millionaires. Others who weren’t, jumped out of windows.

We are quickly approaching another time in history when those who are prepared will not only survive but prosper.

But to be prepared, we must do something different. And to be able to do something different, we must think differently.

It is our responsibility to get back to the mindset of our founding fathers who created this great country. We must get back to the mindset of Christ.

God is an entrepreneur. He created this world out of nothing. He set up systems to keep it going. He gave each of us the freedom to operate on our own and choose to follow Him or not.

It’s time we learn to walk in His ways, do what He has for us and hear His voice.

The ways of the world will not work for us much longer. And the sooner we learn to follow Him, the better off our families will be.

I am focused on learning to hear from God. I am dedicated to helping you learn to hear from God.

If you want to go with me, come on.

Let’s start by working on that mindset.

So many books, so little time...

who thinks it all starts with discovering who you are


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