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You can attend the opening session of our conference without leaving home!

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· Join Me for the Opening Session of Entrepreneur Days 2008 From Your House!
· If You Couldn’t Get on the Social Networking Call, You Missed Some GREAT Information!
· Tell Your Friends!
· Who On Earth Are You?

Join Me for the Opening Session of Entrepreneur Days 2008 From Your House!

If you can’t make it to our 8th annual home business event where you can bring the kids in Atlanta next weekend, guess what?

We’re going to bring the opening session to you!

That’s right!

For only the first 50 people who register, we’re going to host a Webinar on Tuesday night.

You get the same entrepreneurial foundation that everyone else gets right there on your home computer!

So mark your calendar now to join me on a Webinar this Tuesday night!

You’ll have to call in on your phone and be on your computer at the same time.

The Webinar is Tuesday, August 12 at 9 PM Eastern Time.

The number to call is: 605-475-4150

The passcode is: 41561#

The link to register for the Webinar is:

Pass this on to your friends… along with your affiliate link to the conference!

(Folks are STILL signing up every day!) That means it’s not too late to send out a note … or join us!

Learn more about it here:


If You Couldn’t Get on the Social Networking Call, You Missed Some GREAT Information!

Don Crowther totally blew us away with his call Tuesday night!

He explained how the history of the Internet gives you the advantage to make tons of money with your computer when you figure out how it is morphing.

Phase 1 started with static sites and discussion groups. Then search engines and blogs developed into Phase 2.

With the coming of social sites in Phase 3, content has shifted from being site owner generated to user-generated.

Do you see the potential the common guy has to putting his information online? It’s phenomenal!

Another shift that I see occurring is the move from the brick and mortar world to the online world. Many businesses are incorporating sites with off-line business.

More than that, many employees who have recently been given the pink slip are finding it’s easier to work online for themselves.

Don has figured assessed this whole new industry better than anyone I’ve ever met before.

So if staying on the cutting edge of technology interests you, plan to meet Don in Atlanta.

It’s not too late to register!

Here’s where you can learn more:


Tell Your Friends!

If your friends or family members are as concerned about the direction of this country as I am and are convinced they need to have some kind of business on the side to develop financial stability, forward this info to them.

The economy is falling off the cliff and when it hits the bottom, it won’t be pretty. Yet those who are prepared will be okay.

To stay in touch, go to
Enter your name and email address in the box at the left.

We’re here to help!


Who On Earth Are You?

Way too often, I see well meaning people trying to solve life’s problems without even consulting the God who created the entire universe.

Think about this.

God created the whole world.

He laid out the blueprints just like an architect does in the sky. The constellations tell the gospel story. It begins with Virgo, the virgin birth, and ends with Leo, the king of beasts.

The story in each constellation reveals an aspect of the life of Jesus. He was born of a virgin and became king of the world.

The interesting thing about this is the blueprint was laid out when the heavens were created on the fourth day of creation.

Man wasn’t created until two days later.

No matter what you think about the time frame of the earth’s beginning, the stars came before man.

And if you don’t believe this place was created, where on earth did all this complex organization of systems come from?

Anyway, Someone (I personally think it is God) set everything in motion.

Everything has a purpose.

Therefore YOU have a specific purpose.

You didn’t just stumble onto this planet by accident.

You have been gifted to perform your function by God.

You have been educated by the events or lack of events in your life to perform your calling.

The adventure of your life is to discover what that purpose and calling is and then to actively enter into it.

The main reason I think people are unhappy in life no matter how much money they make is because they haven’t found their core purpose in life yet.

And no one usually holds our hands to help us find it.

So when we try to solve our problems, it seems we keep shooting ourselves in the foot with every decision we make.

That’s because we may be on the wrong life path.

If you can find the right path, things seem to fall in place. When you do, it makes you feel wonderful!

Knowing who you are and why you are here is soooo inspiring! It makes you get up early, work hard and fast all day and go to bed tired, yet satisfied that you contributed something meaningful to your world that day.

If you exist in the state of “potential,” you’re basically useless to God. And He doesn’t have many good things to say about people with good intentions who don’t produce.

One problem I see with getting your personal vision is that not many folks are available to help. We’ll guess what?

Here’s help!

That’s the reason God and I have joint ventured on this conference project. The main purpose of it is to help you figure out what you want to be when you grow up.

And once you see what just a few of the options are for this decade, the education is right there available for you to make it happen.

It’s up to you to take it.

If you need help finding your life purpose, my best friends and I can help you. Let us.

So many books, so little time...

who believes you should stop what you’re doing to figure out who you are and what you are here for before you do another thing

Join us here to learn more:

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