Saturday, July 26, 2008

How God Escorted Me Through Town

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· Now Is the Best Time to Learn How to Invest in the Stock Market
· Sponsors Want to Give You Money for Your Non-profit or Corporation
· Google Announces a Way to Monetize Your Articles with Knol
· Invite Your Friends!
· How God Escorted Me Through Town


Now Is the Best Time to Learn How to Invest in the Stock Market!

Educated people make money in the stock market whether it’s going up or down. That’s because they understand the principles and how it works.

No matter what you think of the economy right now, people are STILL making money in the stock market.

And now truly is the best time to learn how to invest because smart investors “buy low and sell high.”

If you have always wanted to invest in the stock market but were afraid you’d get burned, let me help you.

I have an old friend who is part of the educational team that trains people like my husband who is going to be sharing his knowledge and expertise at our 8th annual Entrepreneur Days home business conference in Atlanta on August 15-17.

His name is Scott Schilling.

I’ve invited Scott to my Tuesday call to explain to you about what’s going on in the market right now and how YOU can benefit from it.

Yes, people are still making lots of money in the market and he will explain to you how so mark your calendar and plan to join us.

The call is Tuesday, July 29 at 9 PM Eastern Time.

The number to call is 605-475-4150

The passcode is 41561#

If you know anyone who is interested in learning to invest in the stock market, send them a short note and include this link.

They’ll be glad you did!


Sponsors Want to Give You Money for Your Non-profit or Corporation

There is a whole world of business that hardly anyone even knows exists that I have recently discovered.

It’s the world of sponsorships.

And last Tuesday, Brendon Burchard shared just a few secrets about how it works and how YOU can tap into it to get partners and funding for YOUR non-profit or corporation.

Last year, $15 Billion was awarded in sponsorships. That means big corporations who wanted to be associated with small mom and pop businesses and cause-related organizations gave money with no strings attached.

The cool thing is, usually that money renews at the end of the year.

Sponsors will also often help you with marketing or publicity. They have assets that the small business can’t afford that they are willing to share with their sponsees.

So if you want to learn how to get sponsors for your non-profit or corporation, listen to this amazing call I did with Brandon. It was truly wonderful!

Just go to this page: and enter your name and email address if you haven’t already.

On the second page, click on Speakers in the nav bar, then find Brendon Burchard’s picture and next to it is a audio button.

Click that to hear one of the best calls we’ve ever done.

Then plan to meet Brendon in person at our conference in Atlanta so you can learn more from him about how YOU can tap into that sponsorship money to spread your message or increase your business.

And don’t forget to bring the teens. If you do, you’ll kick yourself when you get there. They need this kind of vision and education and there’s no where else to get it.


Google Announces a Way to Monetize Your Articles with Knol

This week, Google announced a new wikipedia type program where you can upload your articles on topics that you have expert knowledge about and can even add your Adsense code to earn money with them.

It’s called Knol, which is short for a fact of “knowledge.”

Knol takes article submission to the next level because you can actually monetize each one.

If you want to drive traffic to your site, blog or eBay About Me page, go set up an account today and start writing some articles to establish yourself as an authority.

This is truly ground floor opportunity. They just opened it THIS WEEK. That means the world hasn’t found it yet.

When others start coming, YOU will already be considered an expert there.

See the value?

So go open an account today a

(You can thank me later.)


Invite Your Friends!

Now is the most critical time in history to have your own business or know how to invest in real estate or the stock market.

If you have friends or family who don’t know where to start, forward this newsletter info to them and encourage them to join our mailing list at so they can get the cutting-edge education, events and services they need.


How God Escorted Me Through Town

Last Tuesday, I laid my hand on my daytimer and prayed an extra prayer for my day. I had too much to do and had to stop for an appointment in town which takes a huge chunk out of the day when you live so far away.

(As you know, I only go to town once a week.)

I specifically prayed for green lights because my appointment was on the far side of town. That meant I would have to drive through Many Traffic Lights.

It was also one of those days when I wondered if God really loves me.

Ever had a day like that?

Well, as I got near town, there were two tractor-trailers with double-wide loads. They literally took almost both lanes.

And with them were four escort vehicles.

They were rocking along on the open highway and all was fine. But then as we approached town (and construction on the south side), I realized I was BEHIND the entourage and would be stuck going through town at a snail’s pace.

I could possibly be late to my appointment.

So I decided that if the truck went straight, I would turn right and go through town on a parallel street. If it turned onto the other highway, I would go straight.

As it approached the first light, it kept going straight… right through a RED LIGHT.

The next escort vehicle followed it.

Then next was me.

As I got closer, I saw a policeman standing in the intersection with his patrol car blocking the street.

He waved me on… right through the red light!

Then we approached the next light… which was RED.

The convoy kept moving at a steady 35 mph… right through the SECOND RED LIGHT.

There was another policemen waving us through.

I looked at the officer and waited for him to wave me out and give me a ticket or something awful. But he just stood there.

I started crying (okay, don’t harass me about this) and realized that God had specifically answered my prayer from the early morning about the RED LIGHTS!

I could hardly see as we kept rolling right on through the THIRD RED LIGHT.

All this was in a single lane because the road was torn up with construction. There was no way to pass.

We went on to the fourth light and the fifth light WITHOUT EVER STOPPING!

At the fifth light, I turned into the parking lot of the office where my appointment was and left the convoy.

It was a good thing my accountant was busy and late because my face was a mess. I stood in the waiting area and tried to compose myself.

I realized how much God loves His children and wants to bless us in little ways, just as we enjoy blessing our children too.

So the next time you have a traffic situation to dread, ask God to bless it.

He may just send you a personal escort!

So many books, so little time...

who truly believes God wants to interact in your busy life in little ways and big ways every minute of the day

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