Friday, August 29, 2008

Learn to be a Real Estate Virtual Assistant!

Welcome to my Friday newsletter!

This issue features:

*Learn to be a Real Estate Virtual Assistant!
*Go to Armand’s Big Seminar with Me on Oct. 3-5 and I’ll Buy You Dinner!
*Grab This Book by Joel Comm!
*Tell Your Friends!
*Update on Ken Pounders’ Orphanage in Orissa, India

Learn to be a Real Estate Virtual Assistant!

If you want to learn how to invest in real estate, one of the easiest ways to do it is by working for someone else.

Real estate investors and agents often need someone to help them with the details and paperwork. As more and more offline businesses are downsizing, serving a company as a Virtual Assistant from home is a win/win situation for both you and the company!

The company or investor doesn’t have to pay overhead to have you onsite so having a VA reduces his expenses. That means, it saves him money.

And as long as you can accomplish all your tasks on time, you have the freedom to work your job around your busy life.

Since I think this is just one more way that folks can work successfully from home, I have asked Alan Brymer to teach a course.

He is the only real estate expert I know who teaches this.

The problem is, his course is for real estate investors and agents. NO ONE has a course on how to BE a real estate VA.

So he and I are creating one!

You’ll get the advantage of being the first people to take the first real estate VA class and you can do it from home!

That’s right! The class is online so all you have to do is watch the videos, listen in on the phone and ask your questions to get all the answers you need.

This Sunday night, I’ll send you another email with the details for the call. So if you’re interested, watch for it.

And if you love real estate like I do and would love to learn it by doing it for and with someone else, consider taking Alan’s Real Estate VA training.

It’s coming up in a few weeks.

There’s nothing else like it out there!


Go to Armand’s Big Seminar with Me on Oct. 3-5 and I’ll Buy You Dinner!

The Thomas Edison of the 2000's is Armand Morin. He and the handful of techs and writers surrounding him are changing the world with what they are doing.

God has placed me smack dab in the middle of them for some crazy reason.

J.D. Clement and I are the only two attendees who have been to every single Big Seminar (Armand’s bi-annual event)

We’re going to BS 12 in October.

And I want you to go with me.

If you register before Sept. 2, Armand is throwing in a $2997 bonus - a whole nuther event.

Watch this video to understand what he’s doing. (The man is a genius.)

But here’s the deal… it’s only good until Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008.

So watch this now and think about this over the weekend.

After you optin you'll see the video I'm talking about that explains the $2,997 bonus.

You can learn more about the event here:

If you register, let me know because I’ll take you to dinner with us in Atlanta!


Grab This Book by Joel Comm!

For some reason, Joel Comm has taken it upon himself to tell the stories of ordinary people who have made some very extraordinary achievements. You may remember Joel from several of our past events. He is the homeschool dad who figured out how to make Google’s Adsense a money-pumping oil well and then wrote a New York Times best-selling book about it (The Adsense Code). Many who implemented his recommendations generated significant passive income which continues to this day.

Now he’s sharing the stories of the Internet millionaires.
- Why did they decide to start selling online?
- What were they doing before they started selling online?
- Were there any specific, duplicatable qualities that made them successful?

If you’ve ever wished you could ask 40 of the top Internet marketers how they made the transition from “normal” life to Internet Marketing rock star, Joel has done just that. He dug deep and provided us with the rich background of the trailblazers who “laid the tracks” so the Internet, the Web, hypertext, and the browser –which we all take for granted now-- could be developed, enjoyed and used in our businesses every day.

He’s given us the inside scoop on:
- The guy who predicted hypertext… in 1945?
- The first spam message, unleashed in 1982.
- The inventor of the modern browser, the “key” that makes internet marketing what it is today.

Joel takes us back to the “glory days” of dialup connections with 300 baud modems and leads us in a revealing romp to the present... Providing keen insight into the mindset of those early pioneers ... many of whom are still active in the marketplace today.

This is Internet Marketing history.

On September 2, Joel is releasing his brand new book, Click Here to Order. Joel retells stories such as:
- How the Army helped Mark Joyner become a millionaire (read page 129 and see how he could have learned the lesson without the Army).
- Why Declan Dunn became known as “the online guy” (page 64).
- The event where the “Unknown Copywriter” was christened (Read page 79 to find out).
- The fourteen year old girl who started a simple website that will pay her way through college (page 86).
- One of today’s top marketers who walked out of a job interview at IBM because the interviewer didn’t like his tie (no joke…read about it on page 181).

If you want to figure out how these “average Joes” learned how to turn their computers into ATMs, then you will definitely want to claim your copy of this book. Grab your own personal copy of Click Here To Order as soon as it becomes available.

To get on the priority notification list, go here now:


Tell Your Friends!

If your friends or family members are as concerned about the direction of this country as I am and are convinced they need to have some kind of business on the side to develop financial stability, forward this info to them.

The economy is falling off the cliff and when it hits the bottom, it won’t be pretty. Yet those who are prepared will be okay.

To stay in touch, go to Enter your name and email address in the box at the right.

We’re here to help!


Update on Ken Pounders’ Orphanage in Orissa, India

We should be so thankful for our freedom in America. We should also do everything we can to preserve it. It may be that too soon we find ourselves in this same situation.

Don’t say it couldn’t happen here. Uganda was 60% Christian when Idi Amin took over.

This note is from the director of the House of Hope in Orissa, India, sponsored by Ken Pounders’ Priority! Evangelism.

Tarun has brought the children back to House of Hope for a few hours to get food and clothing, but will return back to the mountain for safety later in the morning. There is a large group of Christians also hiding with him. The government has brought in troops and there is a curfew. Troops have been ordered to shoot on sight after curfew.

Tarun sounded exhausted, keep him in your prayers. The village that Tarun was raised in has been totally destroyed. It was a Christian village. Tarun said the violence continues and the children from House of Hope are afraid. Please keep them in your prayers.

(8-29-08) UPDATE:
Randy spoke with Tarun tonight and he said that at the present he is safe. He left Kalinga and went to a friend's home in Berhumpur yesterday because he had received word that the Hindus were going to try to kill him.

He has been in touch with his wife and the House of Hope children are safe at the refugee camp. There was no damage to property last night for which we praise God. Three Christians were murdered yesterday because they would not renounce Christ and return to Hinduism.

He said the pastors/evangelists and the believers they work with are hiding in the jungle until the violence subsides. Please keep Tarun, his family, the orphans, the workers and the believers in your prayers.

Stay in touch with Ken at

Our world is in turmoil, economically, politically and spiritually.

Pray for this small group of Christians to survive and thrive, and let us all understand the significance of this attack.

There are two forces in the world. We must align ourselves with the God of Heaven. We will only be on this earth a short time and what we do with Jesus while we’re here will determine where we spend eternity.

There are forces in the world who don’t want us to know that or to live free. We must fight to keep our freedom. Never give up!

So many books, so little time...

who is committed to helping you discover who you are!

P.S. If you want to make a monthly or one-time donation to Ken’s ministry which includes his orphanage in India, you can do so here:

He and the children there would appreciate it.


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