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Want to REALLY become independent?

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Independence Day Special!
Meet a Titanium Power Seller!
Learn How to Create a Product from a Pro
Spread the word!
Here’s Help if You REALLY Want to Become Independent!

Independence Day Special!

This weekend only, you can bring a guest absolutely FREE when you register to attend our 8th annual home business conference in Atlanta on August 15-17!

You can even use our two-pay option!

Just register before midnight, Sunday, July 6 and in the Comment Box at the bottom of the order form, write: My Independence Day: (Second Person’s Name).

If you have already registered, just shoot me an email and we’ll add your guest.

Here’s where to start:

If you need a boost of vision, this is the only place I know of where you can get it AND bring the kids!

This is opportunity! See it?

Now go for it!

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Meet a Titanium Power Seller!

If you missed my incredible call with Power Seller Kerim Emre Tuesday night or you want to listen to it over again like me, you can hear it here:

It’s posted under his picture in the speaker section.

He told his story of how he used eBay to do exactly what Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad fames says: create a business, then sell it. Then repeat.

If you sell on eBay or want to learn how, spend some time with Kerim in Atlanta. Take him to dinner. This guy knows his stuff and he loves telling others about it!

The conference of the Year is August 15-17, 2008 in Atlanta, GA.

Here are the details:

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Learn How to Create a Product from a Pro

One of my Best Friends (and bowling buddy who beats me every time) is Bret Ridgway from Speaker Fulfillment Services.

He is giving away a copy of his new Info Product Development & Launch Checklist.

It's part of his new course "The 50 Biggest Mistakes I See Information Marketers Make", which is a must have resource if you're involved in information marketing in any capacity.

I know this will be a busy weekend for you so you can learn more about his course later, but for now his Checklist is yours for free!

Just grab a quick copy today at

It's a tool I'll be using with every new information product we create. (And you know we have a LOT of things going on here!)

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Spread the Word!

To keep up with our Bonus Education Calls, enter your name and email address in the box at the left of this page,

And feel free to forward this special to your friends and family who are need to focus on becoming financially free! You may just help them change their lives!

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Here’s Help if You REALLY Want to Become Independent!

Listen, my son, and you will hear of the midnight ride of Paul Revere…

What a great poem to memorialize about one of the first acts of courage that began the 6-year war that led to America gaining her independence as a nation.

Becoming a free nation didn’t happen overnight; it took planning, organization, financing, blood, sweat, tears and time.

Gaining independence for our country was a big deal. For you to gain financial independence may also be a big deal.

Most of us haven’t been trained to be financially independent. Instead, we’ve been educated to be financially dependent on an employer.

To learn how to live financially free, we have to renew our minds and get a different perspective that most of us don’t have. It takes vision, specialized education, planning, organization, financing and a lot of work, but most of all, it takes time.

So many people write to me and say they want to be financially free. They think it can happen overnight. They hear the stories of the Internet millionaires and they realize that’s what they want.

But they don’t know that those overnight success stories often took years to write. All they see is the results.

So if financial free is something you desire, realize the cost, then create a plan to make it happen. Pray. Ask God what you are here to accomplish. Don’t just try to figure out how to “make money.”

Focus on serving God in whatever vocation he has placed you.
Seek Him first and figure out what you are supposed to do to monetize that job.

Too often, we get that backwards and end up handcuffed to a job that meets our basic needs (and maybe more) but steals our time, our energy and even sucks the life out of us. It also prevents us from doing what we should be doing, what we are called to do, what God wants us to do.

If you desire financial freedom, don’t seek money, seek God. Seek the specific vision for your life that is the only thing that will bring true freedom to your life – financial, physical, and spiritual.

This Independence Day, make your own ride through the countryside and declare to yourself and your family that you are committing yourself to get God’s vision for your life.

Get the specific financial education you need to do something different with your life… something that will more than meet your needs, something that God has called you and only you to do.

This Independence Day, declare your independence!

Go for it!

So many books, so little time…

who wants to help you learn how to live an inspired life

P.S. Get vision for your life at our 8th annual home business conference this August:

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