Sunday, July 13, 2008

Real estate + the net + traffic = $

Welcome to my Friday newsletter!

This issue features:
· Traffic Tuesday Special
· Second chance to meet real estate guru Larry Goins
· Invite Your Friends!
· Help for Kinesthetic Learners

Traffic Tuesday Special

I never offer specials like this.

But when I saw that my good friend John Reese has updated his Traffic Secrets course and was only offering it on Tuesday, July 15 at noon, I had to figure out how to make it available to you.

I’m going to get my copy.

I want you to get one too.

And I am so convinced that you need it – if you are on the net, you do – that I am willing to give away one seat at our Entrepreneur Days 3-day event if you take advantage of his incredible offer.

I got his course 4 years ago when it was $997 and thought it was totally worth it.

But the net is always changing so he has completely updated it.

His new course is also less than half the price but has twice the info.

In case you don’t remember, John was the first Internet marketer to make over $1 million in ONE DAY.

Others have since broken his record but he was the first.

So watch this video

Then send me your confirmation receipt and I’ll send you the info for our event.

If you already registered for our event and get John’s course, you are welcome to bring one more guest.

We won’t be issuing refunds on the earlier registration so please don’t ask. So sorry.

This is a one-day, unplanned, unannounced special. Be thankful for it.

If you want to give someone else your seat, that’s fine. Just let me know.

Here’s that video:

Don’t forget, you have to purchase the course WITH THIS LINK ONLY.

Then forward your receipt to me.

His course could change your life. It WILL change your business if you do what he says.


Second Chance to Meet Real Estate Guru Larry Goins

Larry Goins was so popular at our recent real estate conference that we decided to invite him to our big home business conference in Atlanta.

Larry is one of the few real estate investment teachers who understand how to buy and sell real estate using the Internet.

So if you are ready to learn to invest in real estate (and you should do it NOW since the bottom has fallen out of the market), plan to learn how from Larry at our 8th annual home business conference on August 15-17.

And if you want to ask Larry your questions this Tuesday, I’ll be talking with him on the phone.

Our call is Tuesday night, July 15 at 9 PM Eastern Time.

The number to call is 605-475-4150

The passcode is 41561#

If you’re ready to learn how to invest in real estate and want to do it the easy way – using the net - this is the guy to learn from. Don’t miss the call!

And do whatever you can to get at least some of your family to our annual conference. There is literally nothing else like it anywhere.


Invite Your Friends!

There aren’t many people in the Christian world who understand how to build a business and serve God at the same time. Yes, the two can mix.

If you have friends or family who are ready to start their own home business or are ready to invest but don’t know where to start, forward this info to them.

Mention they should join our mailing list to hear about our cutting-edge education, events and services.

To get our notices, just enter your name and email address in the box at the left.


Help for Kinesthetic Learners

The most important thing you can know about your child, (and we ARE supposed to know them) is how they learn.

Some are naturally visual.

Some learn best by listening auditorially.

And some are kinesthetic, which means they get way more out of life experiences than out of books or audio CDs.

If you have visual kids, surround them with books, art, beauty of all kinds and give them a great real life.

If your kids are auditory, make sure each one has his or her own CD player and a library of teaching tapes and quality music.

And if you are blessed to have a very active kinesthetic learner, engage them in lots of meaningful activities and real life events.

That’s what I am still doing with Drew, even though the boy is married, has a baby and is almost 27 years old!

A few weeks ago, we went to eBay Live in Chicago together. While we were there, we ran into an old friend of ours, Jim Cockrum, who has become quite a respected expert on eBay.

We went to dinner with him and his assistant and Jimmy Z and his girlfriend.

We laughed for hours at each others’ crazy stories and Jim was fascinated by the way Drew sells houses in just 7 days on eBay.

This past week, I got a note from Jim.

Listen to this:

“Rhea, I thought I'd seen it all when it comes to selling creatively on eBay...after all I've got a best selling book that is all about just that, but when I talked to Drew about what he was doing on eBay with old ugly houses, a light bulb went off. I thought "that really could work!"”So, I tried it out myself. I spent about one hour reviewing the excellent tools and examples that Drew had put together, I took a few pics of one of the old rental houses that I've been dying to get rid of for years, and I put it all on eBay.The end result is this:Thanks to Drew, A PAIN IN THE BUTT UGLY house of mine that has sat empty for about 8 months SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF ME is now going to be making me $200 per month positive cash flow with a VERY HAPPY buyer that doesn't have to worry about dealing with a bank and I'm locked in for a minimum profit of $10,000 if he ever goes on to buy the house.

“If he doesn't buy it (or even if he just trashes it) I just do it all again with a different buyer/tenant. Did I mention that I now have $3,500 in my pocket that goes toward the eventual purchase of the home (although we all know that 80% of the time these buyers don't go on to buy so odds are I'll just do it over and over again).”Some stats on my very first eBay "down payment" auction:1,500 visitors10 biddersclosing bid of $610 but the buyer asked to "buy down" the interest rate for $3500 and I happily agreed to his terms!”As soon as I sell the other two ugly houses this way I'm going to buy more. I finally know where to find excited handyman buyers for ugly homes!”

Jim Cockrum

Now this if from a guy who literally wrote the book on eBay YEARS ago!

Because all six of us understand the value of good networking and spent some quality time together at a pretty mediocre event, Jim has gotten rid of a huge burden and Drew feels pretty good about making another real estate investor happy.

That’s what happens when you really learn how to network at live events.

So if you have a kinesthetic learner, bring that kid to the only professional home business event for kids that I know of – ours.

I’ve designed the thing just for that kind of kids.

Let me say it again.

Yes, your crazy, visionary, can’t-sit-still kids are welcome at this event.

How on earth are they going to learn how to channel that God-given energy and vision if you don’t let them discover who they are?

When they meet Drew, they’ll find a kindred spirit.

Our annual event is in Atlanta on August 15-17 and I promise, once your kids meet Drew, they’ll never be the same again.

Here’s where to get all the details:

So many books, so little time...

who believes the earlier you start attending real events, the sooner you’ll develop the right mindset about life… and the sooner you’ll meet worhtwhile friends like Jim Cockrum

Learn more about our one-of-a-kind event here:

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sherigoodwin said...

Hi Rhea!
I am listening to your phone guest and looking forward to seeing you in Atlanta. My son and I will be attending. Can't wait to see you again.
I am sooooo proud of what you have accomplished for you, your family and thousands of others that just want to make a difference.