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Learn how to live an inspired life

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· Meet a Titanium Power Seller!
· Early Bird Deadline for our annual home biz conference is Midnight Sunday, June 29!
· Spread the word!
· An inspiration from Chicago

Meet a Titanium Power Seller!

Kerim Emre ships over 5,000 products a day. He doesn’t do it himself of course; he has created a system.

And he does it all with eBay.

Kerim will tell you how he has become a Titanium Power Seller and created an amazing life when I talk with him this Tuesday night.
The call is Tuesday, July 1 at 9 PM Eastern Time.

The number to call is 605-475-4150

The passcode is 41561#

If you want to learn how to create a home business and are interested in learning how thousands of families have come home using the power of the world’s market place, don’t miss this call!

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Early Bird Deadline is Midnight Sunday, June 29!

If you are planning to attend our 8th annual home business conference in Atlanta on August 15-17 (and if you are financially unprepared for the coming economic crisis, you should), don’t miss this opportunity!

Regular registration is $397 per person but until midnight, this Sunday, you can save $100 per person if you register early.

We already have attendees registered from Saudi Arabia and two families from Chile. So don’t think you live too far away.

If you need to learn how to develop a godly entrepreneurial mindset and learn specific ways to make money from home, this is the only place I know where you can do that.

You’ll learn about:

· Investing in real estate
· Stock Market investing
· Selling on eBay
· Creating an online business
· Putting audio and video on your blogs and sites
· Securing sponsorships for your non-profit or corporation
· How to have your own membership site
· Plus more!

Don’t worry about missing church. We have a non-denominational service on Sunday morning and my wonderful daughter-in-law leads the worship!

Plus Drew will tell you more crazy stories about what he’s been doing lately.

So if you are fed up with life, plan to join us.

Make sure you get your hotel room soon at the Westin because they will sell out soon. (Plus, it’s a beautiful hotel and we got a great discounted rate for you!)

If you are ready to begin your journey to financial freedom, here’s where to start:

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An Inspiration from Chicago

You know it is crucial to success to set goals, right?

Well on my list of goals for 2008 was “See Chicago perform live with at least one of my children.”

The band, not the city.

We don’t listen to a lot of rock music but personally, I believe the genius in the music of Chicago is evidence of the creativity of God.

Well guess what?

Last weekend when I was in Chicago at eBay Live with my son Drew, who sells houses and now backhoes, on eBay, the band Chicago just happened to be in concert with the Doobie Brothers less than a mile from the conference center!

So Drew and I went with our friends!

It was marvelous, to say the least!

God met my goal even BEFORE I asked as Matthew 6:8 says He will, “Your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.” All I did was put it on my list of goals for this year.

It wasn’t even something I needed; it was just something sentimental that I wanted.

Just like the ball I bought for my 12 year old son last week that continues to make him happy, sometimes God gives us non-essentials just to bless us.

It is important to set goals because when vision for your life finally rises out of your common life, you (and God) have something to work with. God (and you) have something measurable to aim at so you and others who are watching can experience His reality.

Until you get that vision, indecision and the lack of direction can paralyze you.

When I was in high school, I played trumpet in a Stage Band that played ‘50s and ‘60s classics and ‘70s songs from groups like Chicago … and I came to love them.

Years later while I was in college at Auburn, I won two free tickets to see Chicago and I discovered, their music was even better live.

Through the years, I’ve been amazed at how many hits the group has created, even though some of the members have changed.

Since 1967, they have created 30 albums, 12 of which were Top Ten albums. Five were #1.

They have sold more than 120 million records and had 20 Top Ten singles.

And as of June 2008, they are still traveling across the country and performing on live stages everywhere with the Doobie Brothers.

Now I’m not advocating that anyone listen to rock music. I just want to know, “How on earth have they done that?”

Well, I think I’ve figured out their secret.

1. They wrote one 3-5 minute song, recorded it, marketed it and played it over and over again to live crowds.
2. They wrote one 3-5 minute song, recorded it, marketed it and played it over and over again to live crowds.
3. They wrote one 3-5 minute song… until they had 30 albums.

Now, over 40 years later, all they have to do is show up and do what they love: perform.

Is that amazing or what?

So here’s my word of encouragement from this little story from the world we live in for you.

If you have a message to give others or a talent to share, just write, record, market and give it one time.

Set deadlines for yourself. Weed your life of useless activities that steal your time. Prune your life of good things that keep you from creating the great masterpiece that only you can create.

Focus until you’re finished.

Don’t live a mundane seemingly purposeless life like others around you often do. Set up a system, then do it again.

Before you know it, you will be well on your way to accomplishing your goals. And that’s just one way of creating financial freedom.

You may even change the world… or just the world of music.

Chicago has survived longer than many other bands for several reasons.

1. They are unique and their sound is different because of their brass section.

2. Although they have had many wonderful lead singers, they didn’t feature just one.

3. They have created many Top 40 hits that produce passive income.

4. They are still doing what they love.

So if you want to write that masterpiece that can change the world, do what Chicago has done.

And remember what God thinks of you, “You’re my inspiration.”

He created you, He inspires you so do something spectacular with Him and through Him and His glory will live through your masterpiece forever.

So many books, so little time…

who wants to help you learn how to live an inspired life

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