Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Good Online Community Can Change Your Life

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How to Finance Your Non-profit
Learn How Real Estate Guru Larry Goins’ “Sets His Business and Forgets It”
Get John Reese’s Traffic Secrets
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Invite Your Friends!
The Power of Community Can Change Your Life


How to Finance Your Non-Profit

People write to me all the time and say, “I just want to figure out how to secure funds for my non-profit, I really don’t want to have a home business.”

Well, I’ve been searching for an expert to answer that question for a long time and guess what?

You guessed it!

I found one!

Brendon Burchard is the man.

He not only helps people get funding for their non-profits but he can also teach you how to get funding for corporate sponsorships as well.

That means people will give you money… and lots of it… to support your non-profit or small business.

It’s advertising for them and they love to support good causes.

Of course I’ve invited Brendon to our 8th annual Entrepreneur Days conference so you could check him out yourself.

And he’ll also be my guest on my call this Tuesday night so you can ask him YOUR questions live and in person!

So if you want to learn how this whole sponsorship thing works, (and believe me, it is a wonderful way to get financing), mark your calendar now to join me for our call.

The call is Tuesday, July 22 at 9 PM Eastern Time.

The number to call is 605-475-4150

The passcode is 41561#

Hey, and if you know anyone who could use some money in their business, send them a short note and include this link.

They’ll be glad you did!


Learn How Real Estate Guru Larry Goins’ “Sets His Business and Forgets It”

In case you missed our terrific call with real estate investor Larry Goins Tuesday, you missed a good one!

But don’t worry!

We recorded it so you can listen to it later!

Just go to And click through to the second page where you can click on Speakers and scroll down to his picture and an audio button.

If you are ready to learn to invest in real estate, plan to learn how from Larry at our 8th annual home business conference on August 15-17.

He has a unique system for investing using the Internet!


Get John Reese’s Traffic Secrets

In case you missed our Traffic Tuesday Special, I’m sneaking it in here for our loyal readers who go one step further than email.

I’m not sure if John still has any copies left of his updated Traffic Secrets course, but if you are able to grab one with this link, send me the receipt and I’ll give you ONE FREE SEAT to our 8th annual Entrepreneur Days event in Atlanta on August 15-17.

If you’ve already registered, bring somebody with you.

John was the first Internet marketer to make $1 million in ONE DAY about four years ago. He set the mark, now others have accomplished it as well.

But he is definitely one of the leaders in the world of small business on the Internet. Anything he has to say is worth writing down.

This course will change the way you get traffic to your online business.

Trust me on this one; John is the man. Use this link to order:


Join me on Twitter!

My Twitter ID is Bookjunkie.


Invite Your Friends!

If you have friends or family who are ready to start their own home business or are ready to invest but don’t know where to start, forward this info to them.

Encourage them to join our mailing list to hear about our cutting-edge education, events and services.

To get our notices, just enter your name and email address in the box at the left.


A Good Online Community Can Change Your Life

Some of my Internet marketing friends occasionally ask me how I got started promoting conferences.

Some have heard the story of our Yahoo! Group of 300 and how 11 folks from it went to a conference in Nashville with me about five years ago.

But that’s not where it started. It started with the Yahoo! Group.

I wanted a place to talk about the things I was learning with Drew and my 6 other children. We have stumbled into a very interesting realm of life where young people can learn real life business while doing junior high and high school.

It’s sort of like getting credit for dual enrollment except the kids don’t care much about the credit they get because they are exploring their life’s paths and have already started earning money.

(You know how philosophical teenagers can be.)

Well, that Yahoo! Group continues to grow but it has become quite littered with spam and legitimate commercial offers.

So my team and a few associates and I are still in the process of building a few membership sites so folks who want to continue that conversation can do it privately … in the safety of an online membership site.

I thought about building these sites for years but knew I couldn’t do it by myself. So over the past few months, some of my joint venture partners and I have been hard at work.

At now, some of them are ready. Some of them are still in process. But we want to invite you to ALL of them.

So as a bonus to registering for our 8th annual home business conference, you can join each one of them for just $1 for the first month.

Here is a list of the sites: – this is the sister site to the Yahoo! Group

If you want to discover the power of sincere dedicated community, register for our conference this week, then join the sites that interest you.

You’ll love the people you meet there!

You can learn more about the conference of the year where you can bring your kids to learn about home business, right here:

If you don’t plan now to do something about your income, it may soon be too late.

I hope you can join us in Atlanta!

So many books, so little time...

Rhea! who believes the power of community can change your life!

Learn more about our one-of-a-kind event here:


Rob Montgomery said...

Rhea, I know this is off topic, but I am just getting started. Can you tell me how to get an autoresponder like the one you are using on this blog for your ebook? Thanks, Rob

Rhea! said...

Hi Rob,

I use Aweber. It is the most reliable autoresponder right now.

Check it out here: