Friday, June 13, 2008

Help for dads on Father's Day!

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· Deadline for Jennifer Navarette’s Social Networking Sites
Class is Midnight, June 22!
· Check Out our New Affiliate Center!
· Stay in Touch!
· My Dedication to Helping Fathers

Deadline for Jennifer Navarette’s Social Networking Sites Class

is Midnight, June 22!

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My Dedication to Helping Fathers

As we honor fathers across this land on Father’s Day this weekend, I have to admit that I have been feeling truly sorry for them lately.

We live in the richest country in the world.

We are more educated than any other people on earth have ever been.

We dominate the most cutting-edge invention of all time – the Internet, yet way too many highly educated fathers can’t pay their monthly bills.

And although this country is heading for bankruptcy, just like in the days of the Depression, those who were prepared for hard times, thrived. Those who weren’t, jumped out of windows.

With the cost of gas rising daily and political change about to overtake the White House, who can guess what is about to happen in our economy?

How can this be?

Well, I think there are several factors to attribute this to but here’s one of the main ones.

Our government educational system doesn’t tailor education to fulfill the calling of the individual. That’s fine because that’s not really its purpose.

Parents, however, are supposed to be responsible for helping their young people find their direction, especially the father.

But somewhere in our recent history, we’ve delegated that duty to the state so now the state prepares men and women to work for it.

That IS the purpose of government education and it does a decent job.

But… what if you want to actually find fulfillment in what you do and desire to live a quality life with 5, 10 or 15 children, many grandchildren and your extended family members (all which can be expensive), while also blessing others?

Do the math on THAT bill.

Then imagine the stress.

(Maybe you don’t have to imagine it. Maybe you already live with it.)

I am really concerned about the weight that so many fathers bear on their shoulders these days.

And I am dedicated to helping as much as I can. My oldest son and I worked together to bring our dad home and I want to help you do the same.

Imagine how you could help those around you if you only knew exactly what you are supposed to be doing on this earth so you could tap into the power of God ASAP and channel the abundant blessings He has waiting for you to those who truly need them.

Just imagine.

Then imagine the cost of starting all over again with a new career AFTER you’ve found out that the one you fell into won’t provide for your basic needs… or give you the fulfillment that doing a good job with what you love brings.

The question you have to ask yourself then is this, “What can I do to change the situation?”

If you seriously need to do something different, there are three things you must do.

1. Get vision for YOUR life.

You won’t get that from watching CNN or hiding in online video games.

2. Get specific education.

You won’t get education on how to make money from government schools. That is not their purpose.

Yes, you can go back to college and spend 4 more years learning another trade or getting another degree, but you won’t be much closer to your goal than you are now. They don’t teach you the principles of success in college. They prepare you to have a job.

How do you think I know that?

3. You’ve got to take action as soon as possible to solve the problem.

Waiting won’t make it better. If you don’t do something now, you won’t be any better off a year from now.

Proverbs 4:7 says, “The beginning of wisdom is: Acquire wisdom; and with all your acquiring, get understanding.”

The problem is, where are the men and women who understand how to make money who should be directing fathers to help their teens make wise decisions?

Why aren’t the fathers of this land qualified to help their children directly?

Could it be possible that they lack vision, education and positive action? Hmm….

So we find ourselves knee-deep in debt and struggling frantically just to keep up while the flood waters of the economy are rising faster than the water in the streets of Cedar Rapids.

We’d better do something quick.

So here is my solution to getting the vision you need to get started.

I have invited a handful of millionaires who understand how to make money in a variety of ways to teach you about what they do at our annual home business conference in Atlanta.

We’ve been hosting this event that started in my home for 8 years now.

You can spend a full 3-day weekend with these men of understanding and ask them your questions. Take one of them to dinner.

They can give you the vision you don’t have.

They can teach you things you don’t even know exist.

Not many people can do that.

But in order for them to help you, you have to meet them.

So if you are serious about finding your direction in life, pray about this seriously. The Lord has put this together for you.

I am God’s Virtual Assistant on earth. I am one of his event planners on earth. He is the boss; I just make the arrangements for Him.

If you want to change your life, here’s one place to start:

It may not be easy to make it happen, but hey, what are your options?

Read this page, and then plan to join us. And don’t forget to bring your teens. You’ll kick yourself once you get there and see what they’ve missed.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us and we’ll call you.

Just visit our site - – and click on Contact Us.

I am serious about changing this country.

I am serious about helping moms and dads.

Picture me as a redneck home school mom from the backside of nowhere driving through the floodwaters of Cyberspace in a monster truck coming to rescue you.

You’ve heard the joke about the guy on the rooftop in the flood who prays to God for help, then refuses to take the helping hand of two different guys in boats and a ladder hanging from a helicopter just before he drowns.

Well, here comes that ladder again.

Grab it before it’s too late!

So many books, so little time…

who wants you to meditate on the words of theologian Cotton Mather who believed in teaching children to serve their God with a trade

P.S. No matter what’s happening in your life, forget about it all for just one day and have a happy Father’s Day!

20 Statements
By Cotton Mather

1. I will resolve to do all I can that my child may be the Lord’s.
2. I will encourage my child to every day cry to God that He would be the child’s Father, and Saviour, and Leader.
3. I will pray for my child daily.
4. I will read the Bible to my child and tell the stories of the Bible to them.
5. I will teach my child to memorize Scripture.
6. I will teach my child the Catechism.
7. I will teach my child to pray.
8. I will teach my child to be kind.
9. I will teach my child to read and write. I will direct their reading and talk with them about what they have read.
10. My yoke will be light. I will wholly avoid that harsh, fierce, crabbed usage of the children that would make them tremble and abhor to come into my presence. I will always proportion the chastisements to the miscarriages; neither smiting bitterly for a very small piece of childishness nor frowning only a little for some real wickedness.
11. I will teach my child to love Christ.
12. I will encourage my child to speak with me about the state of their soul.
13. I will be careful about my children’s companions.
14. I will discuss the sermons we hear with my child.
15. I will use the opportunities of Days of Humiliation, Days of Thanksgiving, and particularly birthdays to talk about the works of God.
16. I will use the opportunity of trouble, sickness or pain to remind them to be mindful of Christ and eternity.
17. I will teach my child a trade or business.
18. I will show my children that their main end must be to acknowledge the great God, and His glorious Christ; and bring others to acknowledge Him.
19. I will oblige the children to retire sometimes, and ponder on that question: “What shall I wish to have done, if I were now a-dying”?
20. I will endeavor to see my child espoused to the Saviour first, then I will help them as I can for their best accommodation in the married state.

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