Saturday, June 21, 2008

How God Answered 4 Prayers in 1 Afternoon

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· How God Answered 4 Prayers in 1 Afternoon!

Deadline for Social Networking Class is Midnight Sunday!

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How God Answered 4 Prayers in 1 Afternoon

Last Monday, I had to fly to Las Vegas for one of Armand Morin’s mastermind meetings. (You can’t imagine what this like until you experience it.)

I’ve had an unusually high volume of interactions with Murphy lately which means my team and I must be doing something right!

But just as I was trying to leave, friends and family members were calling to chat, secretaries were making unbelievable mistakes that had to be corrected before I left and I was severely behind schedule.

So as I jumped into my car and headed for the airport in Nashville two hours away, I prayed… as I usually do.

I prayed for protection on the road from crazy drivers. (I really pray that; ask my kids.)

I prayed for Wendell to keep all the kids busy and safe (as in, at least know where they all are) while I’m gone.

And I prayed for 4 specific things:

1. A parking space near Shuttle Stop #1.

2. The shuttle to come as soon as I got there.

3. No line at the Sky Cap when I checked in.

4. The plane to be late.

As I was sitting at a dead stop way too long at traffic light after traffic light, I remembered to pray for the 5 o’clock traffic in Nashville that usually starts about 3.

I really wanted to stop to get my nails done but the road construction was so frustrating that I was afraid I would miss my flight. So I waved as I drove past my favorite nail salon.

The whole time, I never ever got upset or frantic.

(My kids won’t believe that because I ALWAYS act like there’s a fire somewhere.)

Hey, life is short so cram in as much fun and excitement as possible, right?

So guess how this story ends?

I got to Nashville about 30 minutes behind schedule in just enough time for me to catch the plane… but not my luggage.

I flew into the economy parking lot and headed straight for Shuttle Stop #1, even though the entire parking lot was packed.

Guess what?

Right across from the Shelter #1 was ONE empty parking space!
It was literally about 8 steps from the shelter.

Answered Prayer #1.

So I whipped into the parking space, grabbed my purse, got my two bags out of the trunk and rolled them over to the shelter.

I locked the car and started shuffling through my purse to find my license and ticket when the shuttle pulled up!

I hadn’t even heard it coming, but there it was!

Answered Prayer #2.

So I took the shuttle to the Southwest Skycap and guess what?

You guessed it!

Although there were people checking all along the desk, I walked up and one of the young men looked at me and waved me to him.

Answered Prayer #3.

I quickly asked, “Will my luggage make this flight?”

And he replied, “Well, not only will your luggage make it but you will too. You have an hour and half delay.”

Answered Prayer #4.

Now normally I wouldn’t rejoice over my plane being that late because I usually schedule my flights a bit close.

But this time, I was thrilled and told him, “Well, I guess that means I have time to get a manicure!”

And I headed off to make Miss Delores at the nail salon my new Best Friend.

So technically, that wasn’t an answered prayer request because I never asked, but you know what? God knows the desires of our hearts and he often fulfills them even before we ask!

In this case, He did.

I even had time to get a pedicure!

God just got Bonus Points in my book!

(Hey, it’s okay for busy moms to reward themselves every once in a while. You’ve got to find ways to relieve that stress that works for you or else the constant stress of Life with Many Kids may affect you... and others.)

How do you think I learned that?

(Don’t let anyone put you under condemnation about treating yourself to something special occasionally. They are clueless about your life if they do.)

Anyway, when we finally boarded the plane, there were a bunch of unhappy flyers who were ready to be where they were going.

I failed to mention to them that I had asked for this extension!

All this is to encourage you that if you have a need in your life, don’t carry the burden by yourself. Give it to God.

He cares for you. He wants to bless you. He wants to increase you.
And He wants to use you.

You are here for a reason and it is to glorify Him in all you do, whatever that is.

If you need help finding your purpose in life, consider attending our annual home business conference. That’s what we do.

So many books, so little time...

who wants you to drop by and say hi if you ever meet Miss Delores in the nail salon a the Nashville airport


Knowing GOD said...

Rhea PTL!!! I love how being so conscious of GOD you invited Him into the smallest aspects of your life. I also love your faith to ask for these things and not wait for a "BIG" event to call on GOD but rather to always have Him there. As Jesus said "I have come that you have Life and Life more Abundantly" To have that life we must Ask and it will be Given. Thanks Sister and you have given me much to meditate on and put in practice.GOD is into the details of our life...GOD bless JB

Amy said...

Wow Rhea, that is such a cool story about how God answered you prayers. He sure does care about even the small things in our life's. He is so loving!! Thanks for everything- I love your website;)